Staff and Volunteers

Lanarkshire Carers Centre employs a number of full time and part time staff who work across Lanarkshire to deliver our services.

Staff Team

You can get in touch with the relevant member of staff using their contact details below:

Staff Member Job Title Contact Details
Barbara McAuley Manager 01698 428090
Colin Smith Depute Manager 01236 755550
David McCord Carer Resource & Communications Officer 01698 428090
Francine O'Donnell Carer Resource & Training Officer 01698 428090
Avril Whiteside Carer Support Worker 01698 403673
Bobby McBride Carer Support Worker 01236 638710
Karin Thomson Carer Support Worker 01236 622206
Lorraine Caldwell Carer Support Worker 01236 755550
Jacqui Budris Carer Support Worker 01236 757066
Dian McFadden Carer Support Worker 07881 617852
Julie Lennox Carer Support Worker 0141 613 5081
Adrienne Lennon Carer Support Worker 07541 973929
Isbah Khan Black & Minority Ethnic Carer Support Worker 01698 428090
Gail Fulton Carer Support Worker 01236 755550
Carla Maxwell Carer Support Worker, Short Breaks Link 01698 428090
Linda Craig Carer Support Worker 01698 428090
Helen McAllister Short Break Carers Information Service Development Worker 01236 755550
Liz Findlay Carer Support Worker, Volunteer & Respitality Development Worker 01236 755550
Anne Fitzpatrick Short Break Carers Information Service Administration Worker 01236 755550
Sammy Pollock Carer Centre Support Worker 01236 755550
Sheena Bogan Carer Centre Administrative Worker 01698 428090
Ann Wilson Carer Centre Support Worker 01698 428090
Ailsa Tweedie Assitant Carer Information Worker 01698 428090
Magda Izbinksa Assistant BME Carer Information Worker 01698 428090


Volunteers are key partners in the success of our organisation. We have a number of volunteering opportunities to support all aspects of our work. Volunteers contribute their time, skills and experiences in a much valued and needed way.

Lanarkshire Carers Centre provides volunteer opportunities to suit different abilities, interests and circumstances. If you are interested in volunteering or if you would like further information or to enquire about becoming a volunteer, please get in touch with us.