Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth applied and was successful in receiving Creative Break Funding for a short break. Elizabeth cares for both her husband, who has mental health issues and her son, who is undergoing tests for autism. She spends most of her time caring and has limited opportunity of going out of the house to have a break.

On applying for the funding, Elizabeth said that caring all day and night had really taken its toll on her and if she didn’t get a break she would end up ill herself. She said that she did not know what would happen to her husband and son if she became ill.

Elizabeth enjoys knitting and reading and said that “I lose myself in the books, relax and don’t have to think about my caring role”. Elizabeth received £300 and used this money to buy knitting materials e.g. wool, patterns and needles and books that she enjoys reading.

Elizabeth knits and crochets for her family, especially her grandchildren, who range from 3 months to twelve years old. The funding allowed her to purchase wool which is specially made in Turkey. She can knit and crochet when people are about as she does not need total concentration for this and is able to chat to her husband whilst enjoying making shawls, scarves, cardigans etc.

Elizabeth enjoys reading autobiographies, true stories and medical journals about mental health issues and autism. She said that as well as these she also reads fiction books. She normally reads every night when her son is settled in bed and this allows her to have some quality time to herself.